Netvibes Sub Tabs User Script

Like most of internet poweruser, I got a feedreader, Netvibes, and like most of internet poweruser, I have a lot of tabs in Netvibes. I asked Netvibes to do something for me, to propose subtabs on their website. But my only answer was « thanks for your idea, bla, bla, bla… ».

So I begun to write a greasemonkey script to provide this capability.

You can find this script on

To use it, download greasemonkey, rename your tab with a prefix ended with « / » and the name of your subtabs. Download and execute my script, you will see your displayed subtabs.

Netvibes without the Netvibes Sub Tab Script

Netvibes without the Netvibes Sub Tab Script


Netvibes with the Netvibes Sub Tab Script

So let your comments on this blog to tell me what you think about it. You can also give me your improvements.

10 Réponses to “Netvibes Sub Tabs User Script”

  1. Pierre Says:

    …or just organize better your feeds 😛 I mean as an example you display the pictures with the news, you loose at lot of space. And lots of websites are redundants… For me, too much information kills the information !

    However, nice done, I see you’re very productive when unemployed 😛 Good luck with job finding !

  2. iguane39 Says:

    Pierre, if you don’t need subtab, that’s because you don’t have enough rss like me. I have 32 tabs (6 tabs x 5 subtabs now) with an average of 30 rss each. So I have something like 300 rss. Displayed pictures or not was not the solution.

    And now with subtab, I can expand my view with a lot of other rss ;-).

    Did you try the script ? What do you think about it ?

  3. AnA-l Says:

    Well, it’s not as usefull as i thougt first. But, most of all, it’s buggy, as always using the default tab style.

    And, i’m using around 150 feeds, and it’s not enough too use this script. Anyway, it’s a great job, ant i keep it bookmarked, in case 🙂

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  6. sub_tabs_for_netvibes_fan Says:

    netvibes ayant changé leur contenu, le script ne fonctionne plus correctement depuis un moment, dommage j’ai quasiment 15 regroupements ;-(

  7. pirida Says:


    I do not get it working :/(

    I got the tab information and ‘new information’ and ‘old stuff’, for example.

    Now, I install your script. Then I rename
    ‘new information’ -> ‘information/new information’
    ‘old stuff’ -> ‘information/old stuff’

    it does not work. What should I do?

    thanks alot!

    • iguane39 Says:


      I tried with space this works too.

      Can you tell me what is your navigator (IE, FF, Chrome) ?

      Did you try to reload your page after creating these tabs ?


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